Thursday, June 16, 2016

Classic Volkswagen in Lego’s Version

Charles sent me a link the other day. It’s a blog post that gives a little preview about the new Lego Creator vehicle -- Volkswagen Beetle

I didn’t feel bad missing the first version of the Beetle because this new one is so much better. It got the smooth curves and additional cute accessories. It’s definitely going to be added to my collection.

This is not the first Lego vehicle that I long for. I actually own Lego’s Volkswagen Camper Van. Aside from the recent vw scandals, I have to say Volkswagen indeed carries great classic designs. Its camper van is definitely one of the classic icons.

Lego got the details as many as possible like they always do. The top can be removed so that we can access to all the details like the folding table, sink, and the mini closet with mirror inside the camper. There’s a t-shirt in the closet says “Make Lego Models Not War”. The back seat can be laid down flat becomes a bed.

I didn’t know about this information until Lego’s introduction told me that the engine is actually mounted in the back of the vehicle. Surprise!

The only thing that is a bit disappointed is that the pop top isn’t real. It got the look but that was it.

Hey Hon, don’t know what to buy for my birthday? Here’s the hint...

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