Monday, December 12, 2016

Travel | Got Our Bags Packed for a Sunny Christmas

In a few more hours, we will be on our way to Cancun, Mexico! I’m super excited about this trip. If we don’t count our routine family visits to Taiwan, this trip is going to be our 2nd time traveling abroad as a family since our honeymoon! And this time, we’re taking two little ones with us!

Charles and I are light packers or at least trying to be one. This time, we’re going to challenge ourselves to pack all essentials, including a baby and a toddler stuff into two carry-ons. Here’s a few tips for light packing with kids:

  1. Roll clothes for packing
  2. Because of the 3-1-1 liquid limit for carry-ons, we repackaged some liquid items into small bottles.
  3. Use contact lenses cases for small objects such as extra earrings, baby hair clips, or for example here, I squeezed  a small amount of toddler toothpaste into the container.
  4. Throw away the bulky package and reorganize them into a zip-lock bags. (It would be easier to buy them on spot, however I feel more comfortable to have them prepared instead of figuring out later in a foreign country.)
  5. Limit toys. I want en to see and experience the world as much as I do so I only bring a few toys that can give him comfort or surprise him during the flight. As for little el, I prepared a few smaller chew toys in a separated pouch.

Here’s a few close shots of my personal item backpack:

Snack on the plane! I found this GoStak stores and organizes finger food the best. And its tall and thin design takes the least space in my backpack.

I most likely have to feed little el twice in between before we get to the resort. I stacked her baby food and taped them up to save more space.

En has to take care his own backpack this time. I tried to stuff something light so that he can carry them himself and feels responsible for it.

We got our bags all packed! Cancun, here we come~

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