Wednesday, May 10, 2017

First Day of Preschool

Life gets busier. Our little en has gone to the local preschool since April. I’m not sure if calling it a preschool is the right way saying it because en only goes two times a week and only three hours each time.

I thought I bought myself three hours of free time each of those two days but apparently I was wrong. “We” enrolled in the cooperative program that involves a lot of helps from parents. Parents need to sign up to be helpers and bring snacks two times per session. However, when the child is ready, the teacher will let the parent know when to leave the classroom. So far, en enjoys going to school and starts to catch up the class pace pretty well. Maybe soon I’ll be missing the time that I accompany with him in the class. Looking through the photos, I’m really grateful that I was there at the moment:

Easter activities:

Cinco De Mayo:

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