Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Door or No Door

No, the living room is not done yet. I think we most likely won’t be able to meet our “deadline” to finish the touch up, including clean up before the end of February... (sigh) Charles doesn’t want to show how messy the living room is now so I can only be patient to show some better pictures later... (another sigh)

Anyways, we have the answer for “door-or-no-door.” See Charles complete the door frame here...

Remember the four different ideas about that entry way between the living room and family room: 
1. French doors
2. No doors at all
3. Curtain divider
4. Pocket doors

Both of us think no-doors is the optimal way to go because it would make the room seem bigger. However, we also think it is necessary to have a door because the living room will also be a home theater. We want it to be a complete private room that can get away with the noise from the other side. Plus, we still want to be able to control each room’s temperature when it gets too cold or too hot. The door we had before seemed to help a lot.

So, we are going to combine all the above in one solution. How?

Here’s a hint:

Another one:

We're going for a pair of french doors. oh wait... but the frame is for pocket doors?!?!

That’s right, a pair of french doors in pockets! We can push the doors all the way so it looks just like an open area with no doors. When the doors are shut, it looks like:

The doors are in white now. This is what we want it to be:

Via Pinterest

Completely unrelated, take a look of what we found in HomeGoods!! 
It's THE chair that I long for!

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