Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learn to Be Patient

We are making progress in our living room, slowly though. We only get a few hours before bedtime during the weekday. Four weekends a month seem so limited. I know Charles has done A LOT already, especially the majority of the work is done by himself. I just can’t wait to see a brand new living room!

Ever since we started this project, I couldn't help pinterest-ing tons of decoration ideas for a Red and White Living room:

I spent a lot of time imaging what kind of new rug, new curtains or new chairs that could fit this new place and eagerly wanted to collect them all. There was always a sound in my head saying “If you don’t get it now, the deal may be over soon!” After days and hours of waste, I learned to be patient and returned all the new purchases (just to clarify, I didn't buy all the above!) The facts are, the room has not done yet, the budget has not been clear, and ideas change all the time. More essentially, decoration takes time. I don't want to buy a cushion so early that I can’t return and then try to match everything for that cushion. I should wait patiently until every single detail is done and enjoy the room for a few weeks to see what is missing and what can make this room better. I decided to try out our own furniture first and take my time to pick the right accessory.

Anyhow, I finally get to do my part of the job to paint two finished walls last weekend. As promised, in Red. I painted the side wall in red with Martha Stewart Silk Lining-MSL021 but leave the back wall in white with Behr Swiss Coffee. I don't have the pictures just yet. Fine pictures will be coming soon.

On the other hand, Charles has finished the old routine: drywalls, puttying, and 90% of sanding.

And the two holes for the built-in speakers, which is much smaller than I thought.

And the entrance frame! Here's the sneak peek that might give away our "door or no door" plan:

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