Monday, June 3, 2013

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Oh darn... Starbucks is launching its “You Are Here” city mugs collection, which means the old “Global Icon” series will be gradually fade out. I wish our collection could be uniform but it seems pretty silly to go back collecting what we already have (Los Angeles, San Diego, Taipei, Seattle and Vancouver) Oh well, the good thing about this new design is that it is cuter, more colorful and less fragile!

2013.05.24 - 2013.05.25 Boston, Massachusetts, United States

First Stop: Boston. It is indeed the Walking City. We took the red-eye flight to Boston so we started walking from 7:30AM to the evening. So did the second day, we barely stopped walking until we took the Amtrak to New York.

Day 1: Massachusetts Institute of Technology → Harvard University → Boston University → Dinner at Legal Seafood

Most Money Saving: Thanks to Chase credit card. We used a good portion of our points to redeem $700 worth round-trip flight tickets for two. And we swiped the card for every transaction whenever we can, even $2.50 every time we took the T subway so that we can continue collecting more points for our next trip.

Happiest: Me. I got to see my old old friend from junior high in Taiwan! He just graduated from MIT Architecture a few months ago (way to go man!!) He became our local tour guy taking us here and there, including Harvard University.

Saddest: All of us when standing here, where the campus security of MIT was shot dead in the tragedy of Boston Marathon bombings.

Biggest Liar: Statue of John Harvard. We all heard about this statue of three lies: 1. This is not John Harvard 2. John Harvard was not the founder of Harvard University 3. Harvard was not found in 1638. Anyhow, I found the biggest lie was people rubbing its left shoe for luck because rumor has it, don’t be the first few, or you'll get the urine on your hand...

so Charles touched Joseph Story's left shoe in Harvard Law School instead
Most Long-Time-No-See: Charles. I met my junior high friend a few years ago when he stopped by LA, so this title goes to Charles, who had not visited his college, Boston University, since his graduation in 2001!! 

he even prepared his 12-year-old T-shirt for this day LOL

Day 2: Freedom Trail → Lunch at Quincy Market → Heading to Manhattan → Dinner at Junior’s Time Square

Most Iconic: Statue of Paul Revere, which is the icon of city of Boston.

Most Wikipedia Searching: All of us when walking along the Freedom Trail. To be honest, except for Benjamin Franklin, I had no idea who Paul Revere, John Hancock, Josiah Quincy and Samuel Adams (who Charles strongly believed that he has something to do with “beer”) were.

Next Stop: New York

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