Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Creating a wall of gallery doesn’t seem like a difficult job, but when I looked into it, it actually requires a little study; and here are some gallery wall inspiration that I really like:

Source: The Style File

There’s a website, Artfully Walls, even shows you the instruction with size of the frames and measurements in details.

I have a few existing black frames that go with our red wall in the living room. The biggest one was found in Ikea originally for our wedding picture. I replaced it with this iconic gondola in Venice poster. 

I love this picture not only because the red gondola matches the wall but also it reminds the romantic moment when Charles proposed to me on a gondola in Newport Beach three years ago (wow, that was three years ago?!).

GB Eye Bridge of Sighs Poster

Instead of all kinds of artwork, I like our family photos to be part of the gallery wall. Since I got the poster with gondola in red as the pop-out color, I picked a few photos with some red pop-out as well, like the rose bouquet and little en's red cloth. I also found some cute keys wall decors in Dollar Tree, $1 each.

So far I got the first two crossed out:
  • favorite art
  • variety of frames
  • nails
  • pencil
  • electric drill
  • laser level
  • a handy husband

"Hey Honey, you’ve been asking how would I like these frames to be on the gallery wall, here's a reminder:"

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