Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Turning Six Months

邁入第六個月, 過去這個月小恩仔四肢發展地讓人感到措手不及; 從雙手扶著坐起來, 到坐好好玩玩具; 從趴在地上匍匐後退, 到向前慢慢前進, 就是媽媽我還在癡癡地巴望著能聽到 ma-ma da-da 的音節... 這做媽的真奇怪, 這邊怕太快, 那邊怕太慢, 媽媽要學會 "Let it go~" 只要小恩仔健健康康快快樂樂地成長, 管他發展曲線畫在哪裡呢?


小恩仔成了小白老鼠, 非常有研究精神的工程師爸爸一定要試試哪一個 baby carrier 兼具舒服又方便, 因為爸媽已經迫不及待要帶著你爬山涉水, 環遊世界去囉! 試用中:
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One, Silver
ERGObaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, Grey

Both are:
  • 4-way front and back carrying positions
  • Waist belt support
  • Equally great reviews
  • Equally expensive

Ergobaby: Four Position 360
BabyBjorn: Baby Carrier One
  • Ergonomic for carrier and baby
  • Bucket seat for max comfort
  • Less hassle to put the baby in
  • Sleeping hood
  • Half pound lighter
  • Switch to back position without assistance
  • 100% polyester easy to clean
  • Mesh option for ventilation
  • Can be rolled up compact
  • Need extra insert for newborn
  • 100% Cotton may not suitable in humid weather
  • 100% Cotton less ventilation
  • Undoing the Velcro is noisy
  • A lot of buckles to buckle up
  • Not exactly ergonomic for baby
  • The head-support does not stay down in front position
  • Heavier

We've been back and forth a million times... Which one would you pick?

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