Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mr. Fix-It

After the big renovation for our bathroom, Charles can finally get back to his small project list. Small Project No.1: the handle bars for the pocket doors:

Our pocket doors had been like this since we were “mostly” done with the living room. (Wow, that was back in February, 2013!)

Back then, we didn't know we have to sand it before paint it to get the smooth texture so Charles redo the whole painting again.

Most pocket doors we see on the market have the hidden door knobs that we found them difficult to use and not as good-looking as we wanted it. So how to get two handles support each other and last for daily use? Charles got the idea from shower door handles.

Hidden Door Knob/ Shower Door Handles

The handle bars we picked are from our leftover kitchen cabinet handles. Charles used a template to drill four holes align correctly and two threaded rods to secure the upper part of the handle.

Then, he drilled a tiny hole on the lower part of the handle which allowed the set screw to secure it tightly.

Don’t forget to tear off the plastic paper after painting and we are DONE!

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