Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Out and About | Festival of Light at The Mission Inn Hotel

This Christmas season we decided to go for a couple of one-day-trip instead of a big travel plan. We went to The Mission Inn for the Christmas lights and captured some Christmassy photos:

I found this pretty dollar rose in the night market near by. There were total $10 worth of bills in one rose for $20.

The “Festival of Light” was much smaller than what I expected. Anyhow, I think appreciating some Christmas lights is a must for the season. I'll try to make it as one of our Family Christmas traditions.

Charles, little en, and I accompanied another family on a drive-in theater the other day. This was the first time Charles and I experienced drive-in movies, such great fun and great value too! $9 per person for two movies! It was also the first time for little en to watch big motion picture on big screen. We were surprised that he could sit still for almost an hour. We watched The Good Dinosaur for the first 1.5hr. and let little en sleep in the car while we watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It might be a little rough for a kid under two-year-old but we thought it was a good experience. Little en woke up the next morning saying “Happy! Happy!”

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