Monday, April 18, 2016

Make It Better

Finally, here comes the home improvement post! Remember I turned an Ikea bench-with-shoe-storage into little en’s play table? And I mentioned that I wanted it to be a little wider so that it could be more functional as a play table? Charles really spent time to make it better. He not only extended the width but also attached a splash board!

He tried to keep the bench as its original form so he made some L-shape brackets to hold the extended portion and the splash board together. This way, we can easily take out the additional parts when we want it to be functioned differently.

The two 2nd-hand Ikea LATT chairs that go with the table only lasted like a few weeks and then they became like this: (well, the seat was made with a very thin fiberboard and I'm a pregnant lady after all...)

Charles simply cut two pieces of wood and replaced them:

Since he took the chairs apart, might as well just stained them beautifully (in Minwax ebony).

Use the pocket hole jig by KREG to secure them together:

Give them a few coats of clear coat:

Here, we’re looking at a brand new play table and two beautiful shining kids chairs!

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