Sunday, October 16, 2016

Out and About | Day Trip to San Diego

I’m trying to catch up with my posts about the places we went to with my parents. Time just flies way too fast. All the sudden it’s like halfway to Halloween! My dad has gone back to Taiwan for almost two weeks now, but there are a couple more mini-trips that I want to document:

No. 4: A Day Trip to San Diego

One day, I just realized that my dad had never been to San Diego, where I spent four years during college. I came up with this impulsive decision to make a day trip to San Diego.

It was a smooth drive on I-5 South after morning rush hour. I took them to 94th Aero Squadron for its well known buffet brunch. Well, we were there for the atmosphere, not for the food though. We stayed in the outdoor area where we could see the runway and planes. Little en was pretty excited to be so close to see some helicopters and planes.

And then we dropped by University of California, San Diego. There were whole lotta new buildings and certainly not the way they looked like eight years ago…

Finally, we stopped by La Jolla shore for a moment. It was the best weather ever. There was no harsh sunlight and the wind was warm. And the ocean was so comfortably cool that even little en was willing to dip his feet into the water.

I was surprised that I didn’t feel as tired as I expected after hours of driving. I’m really glad that we went. Sometimes the best trip is the one without planning ahead :)

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