Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Travel | Swim with Dolphins

Last but not least we had this exciting experience with dolphins! Moon Palace Resort offered $1500 worth of resort credits to be able to used for excursions (additional 16% of tax was not included). Bring little children with us forced us to forget about ATV’s, zip-lines, or even snorkel. There were only a few options that were really children friendly. And one of them was Dolphin Discovery, which we got to swim and interact with real dolphins! I was pretty surprised that children, like 2yr old en, were allowed in the same water with dolphins this close!

I was so proud of my en that he was not afraid of neither the deep water nor the dolphins. However, the cold water made him spaced out for the most part. XD

All the photos were taken by the photographer from Dolphin Discovery. We were not allowed to bring any forms of camera in the center, not even beside the pool. Of course they jacked up the price like $40 per photo or take them all for $200+. The salesperson later found out that we were really not going to spend more than a hundred on photos. She cut us a good deal. :)

We also picked a day to explore the hotel strip, which was not as excited as we expected. We thought it would be like walking down Vegas Strip but it turned out to be a street full of massive hotel buildings, which block the entire view of the beautiful ocean. Very disappointed. The good things were that we spent an afternoon at Beach Resort:

and then finally added another international Starbucks Mug into our collection!

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