Monday, November 19, 2012

Everyday is Laundry Day

The lovely laundry nook has been finally finished up with this sign that I bought like an half year ago, $4.99 from ROSS, front and back!

The To-do-list is now down to:

  • Handles for the cabinet
  • Hanger rod
  • Countertop on the washer and dryer
  • Replace a new ironing board
  • Decoration!!

Handles & Hanger rod: 使用當初廚房櫥櫃未用完的把手和整修衣櫃剩下的鋼管, 廢物利用!

Countertop: 在Ikea買了最便宜的台面, 為了這張台面和未來無止境的home projects, 查理斯還特地在HomeDepot買了Table saw

切開來後馬上理解為什麼Ikea可以賣得這麼便宜, 原來裡面全是紙板...

接著, 一安框, 二上板, 三接縫, 四修邊

雖然不明顯, 木頭邊還是得漆漆白, 台面完成!

猜猜這個小門是做什麼用的? 老舊的房子也有別出心裁的設計, 門後居然藏了個燙衣板, 裡面還未刷白, 先在Target買了ironing board cover遮遮醜

這樣是不是比較會心甘情願地洗衣服? XD

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