Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finally Get to See the Difference

Happy New Year :)

Charles got a few days off from Christmas to New Year. Look at what he has done!! so much warmer feeling isn’t it?

Just to remind ourselves it was like this two weeks ago:

And now, we not only have a FLOOR but also a CEILING in the bathroom!!

Charles also placed this beautiful drop-in tub to the right place. Our bathroom is wide enough that we can place a 6ft tub (American Standard Evolution 36” x 72”), a little bigger than the usual standard tub (30” x 60”). In addition, we get to fill the rest space with a decoration wall on the left.

And then here comes the drywall part as always. This greenish drywall is not the color that we pick for the bathroom. It is the mold-resistant drywall that’s supposed to go with every bathroom. Very important.

Speaking of color, how about this one: Benjamin Moore Color Trend for year 2014:

Breath of Fresh Air (806)
Because the next step after all the drywall installation is my favorite part - PAINT PAINT PAINT

Are we there yet?

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