Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Chrstimas 2013 !!!

The day before Christmas, we received a Christmas card with a family newsletter from Charles’ long time friend from Oregon. I figure, it’s such a great idea to review what God has blessed us throughout the year and be thankful! 

Charles began the year of 2013 by tearing down our living room. Oh wait, I think he started it about the same time around Christmas 2012. We expected to transform it into a “warmer” space and added a little extra function as a fancy home theater. After six months of construction, Charles nailed it all by himself. We thought we were able to hold a Christmas Party this year in this brand new living room but unfortunately, the room is currently occupied as a photo studio and a storage of boxes. Why?

Reason# 1: In August, we discovered my eggo is preggo!!! Charles became a daddy-to-be photographer, recording the growing bump bi-weekly. Of course, experiencing the pregnancy is definitely the highlight of the year for me.

Reason# 2: Right after finding out baby Chu, we insanely decided to start another remodeling project, the only bathroom. Charles has been progressing in making a comfy bathroom as a welcome gift for baby Chu. That’s why the living room is all packed with boxes of tools, bathroom fixtures, etc..

Before the above crazy schedule was set, we enjoyed ourselves bathing in the sunlight in Tahiti and her islands back in March, where we celebrated our 1st Anniversary. In May, we took a trip to Boston and New York with friends and witnessed the proposal that we’d been wishing hard.

Last but not least, we received bunch of blessing and love from our Thanksgiving visit to Taiwan. Baby Chu is already bathing in the love of families, relatives before he’s even born!!

Oh dear God, thank you so much for such a splendid year! “Since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” -- 1 John 4:11

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