Monday, August 15, 2016

Camping | Fellowship at Barton Flats Campground

2016.08.05 - 2016.08.07 Barton Flats, California, United States

Our 2nd camping trip this summer was to Barton Flats, not too far away from Big Bear City. The size of the campground was nice and big! We went with the fellowship families at our church, approximately 20 families!

Some of them were the first time campers but they sure knew how to prepare great food to share! There were all kinds of food passing here and there all over the campground.

Charles didn’t get to take many pictures this time but we got a photographer in our fellowship! Look at these awesome photos that she took!

Charles found a “off-road” trial to Jenks Lake. Although the trial was only 1.3mile long, it was a hell of a lot of exercises to me. Anyhow, the view at Jenks Lake was beautiful. Too bad that I only got to enjoy the view for a few minutes because I spent the most of the time nursing little el... (This reminds me of our trip to Alaska. I stopped and nursed 6 months old little en at the end of the trail.)

Our first picture as a family of four! Thank you Grace!

**All the above photos were taken by Grace Lo**

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