Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome to Hotel The Chu Sweet Home

My parents are coming next month! not only to see their baby granddaughter but also to spend quality time with me and little en. I already have some plans in mind to do more outings and mini trips for the next month. :) Anyhow, first thing first. We finally have a finished room plus air conditioning for their visit this time. When they visited the first time, the “guest room” was not yet insulated, which made the room super hot in the day and super cold at night. The second time they visit, the room was halfway done like this, no painting or anything.

Little en has moved here for a while and he loves it. I asked him if he wants to sleep with mom and dad and little el when grandpa and grandma stay in his room. He said no. I told him that grandpa and grandma will then share the room with him. He agreed. We therefore keep his bed in the room. We’ll see what happen…

I moved the full size bed to be head against the wall so that each one of them can get on and off the bed easily. This move also creates a space for luggage. (before look)

I emptied four shelves for them to store some miscellaneous items.

I found this blue foldable stool from TJ Maxx. My mom used to use the white one in the shower. It became little en’s step stool for hand washing. The blue one is about 5 inches higher than the white one. This one is more comfortable and suitable in the shower. They both are light enough for little en to help himself.

I love this kind of stool! We have like three of them because they can be easily stored. tada~

Hi mom and dad, welcome to Hotel The Chu Sweet Home.”

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