Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fight Against Coldness

Charles has been working on warming up our home over the years. He tries REALLY hard, seriously. It becomes like a routine must-to-do every winter. I have mix feelings about this. I am glad that he puts so much effort into our home but at the same time he spent so much time in the yard and every time he wrapped the project up around the time when the winter was almost over. Skipping through numerous knocking down the plaster and insulating the house, here are a few exceptional examples of fight against coldness:

2015 our fireplace makeover

Inspired by the baseboard heater, Charles came up a crazy idea to warm up the playroom -- heated floor. Here’s just the basic idea of how the tubes go underneath the floor:

These are the essential hydronics heating materials: Tubing & Heat transfer plate

As for our master bedroom, Charles ordered this Hot Water Panel Radiator, which uses the same method as the baseboard heater, to replace our electric oil filled radiator.
Warming up their feet

The biggest difference is the cost. Gas is much cheaper than electricity. We can leave the heater on as long as we want without worrying the electric bill. However, After all these winter, I feel that it’s more like fulfilling Charles’ engineering feat...
Working on controlling system
This panel was programmed to be controlled by Wemo and Amazon Echo Alexa.

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