Saturday, June 10, 2017

Besta System Touch Up

We didn’t plan anything for memorial weekend so Charles decided to finish up some “unfinished business.” Back in 2013 after our home theater was done, we added a shoe cabinet next to our Ikea Besta system. It was not the best purchase because we found this kind of shoe cabinet hard to use and its poor capacity was not able to fit all the shoes we own. “Why don’t you complete the whole thing with the same system, make it symmetric?” One of our architect friends suggested. So we did, and THAT was in 2015.

Remove the shoe cabinet → Add the base frame → Cover up the space between the storage and the wall (just like the left side of the Besta)
When I placed my Disney Castle on the cabinet, there was still a gap between the two-tier cabinet and the bench. It had been like that for two years...

This memorial weekend, Charles finally got around to fill that gap. He pocket screwed three pieces of wood into the base frame so that the exterior decor wood pieces can be held up.

We also hung a full length mirror next the new Besta shoe cabinet.

Now it became a whole built-in piece:
The new storage for shoes is a lot more reasonable and easier access. I used different depth of shelves from our Home Office Besta system (15.75" vs. 7.875") to make more rooms for different type of shoes.
Well, there’s a teeny tiny flaw before I call it “finish.” The base trim is still missing. I try not to nag about it so maybe two years later, I may find it perfectly finished. XD

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