Friday, June 30, 2017

Where to Hide the Toolbox

Charles, as a handyman, can’t get too far away from his tool bag. Where to hide the toolbox in the house? We thought about hiding it in the garage with the rest of the big tools. But our garage is a detached garage; it just takes too much time to get a few household tools. The toolbox had been sat on the floor in our laundry nook like forever. A few months ago, I finally came up with the weirdest idea, which we would not recommend to anybody, but somehow it works for us: We hide the toolbox in one of our kitchen cabinets
Charles bought a set of soft close drawer rail to make it retractable:

Add a handrail:
This little old house of ours is really lack of storage. We try to open up as many safe rooms as possible to let the kids run and play freely. The only baby gate we have is between the kitchen and the playroom, where I can be sure that the kiddos don’t dig out daddy’s tools without supervision.
The toolbox finally has its home. Charles spent nights with his beloved tools, organizing, re-organizing, and organizing them over and over again!
He even DIY this wooden box to make sure he can place each one of them to the exact place after use.
Moreover, he purposely cut that little cube just to fit the caster bump inside the tool bag. Definitely OCD, isn’t he?

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