Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hang on the Wall

Finally I made more progress to decorate our new kitchen like a cute little bistro!

I used to decorate my former condo kitchen with these sassy little chefs on the wall. I liked them very much and decided to do the same to our current kitchen.

Our kitchen is much bigger but unfortunately less wall spaces for the two ladies (11" x 14"). Therefore, I replaced them with three little fat chefs with smaller frames. 

I also got this coffee silhouette hook from Amazon and hung some little cute accessories: (from left to right) a tiny cup from a capsule toy, Charles’ bottle opener, a California souvenir key chain, and a miniature wooden spoon.

You might spot the chef decor here and there already:

The clean/dirty sign for the dishwasher was surprisingly Charles’ idea and I found this cute little chef one on ebay! 

We shopped the valances in Anna’s Linen on black friday weekend. We had these two choices in mind:
and we both preferred the brown one with the cute variety coffee cups
Need to tie it up one strap at a time
Oh, by the way, Charles has fixed the window I broke months ago so the cardboard cover has been removed. XD

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