Monday, December 3, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

This year is the first Christmas in thechusweethome. However, we don't plan to have a Christmas tree because Charles is about to start another insulation project in our living room.

So, I got myself a Pinterest Challenge to get some holiday spirit - an advent calendar

Difficulty: Easy


 This is where the idea comes from:
I found the same multi-use hanger in Goodwill
for $4.99. The original source is Ikea KOMPLEMENT, which is designed to store 28 accessories.

The plastic snowflakes were found in Dollartree, 10pcs for $1.00. I purchased two sets of them that gives me 20pcs.

I decorated the rest of the empty spaces with some ornaments that I have received over the years. This little Angel is 100% handmade craft from a very talented lady :)

The numbers were fairly easy, just computer print-out cut and paste on a leftover color paper.

Even though I liked the combination of blue and green that the younghouselove picked out, I went with the traditional red and green. More Christmassy.

I found these great decoration stuff in Dollartree & 99cents store, cheap and neat

Total Spending on this project: $7.99

I haven't figured out where to hang the calendar though... Maybe in the hallway?

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