Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rudolph the Mini

Although we don’t have a Christmas tree this year, we have Rudolph the Mini!!

We found it on Amazon, and it was advertised fitting a mini cooper S!

Reindeer Auto Outfit 2012

Before two-becomes-one, Charles owned a 1998 Toyota 4runner and I drove a 2004 Toyota Scion XA. We were pretty loyal to our cars because they barely caused us any troubles and both had amazing spaces for our needs. We gotta give Toyota a credit for that!

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The 4runner was about to meet its 200,000 miles and it cost Charles about $300+ of gas per month. Right after we got married, we started looking for a “fun” car, which gives us a better gas mileage and most importantly, fun that is. However, horsepower doesn't mean much to me, but for a dude? Hell yeah! We test drove both Cooper and Cooper S. Charles just loved that sport mode in Cooper S all so very much.  

So yep, we dressed her like the Rudolph the red nosed deer for her first Christmas being a part of thechusweethome. XD

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